Cheap Trick 154

cheap_trick_xyA small two-way floorstanding speaker, developed by Bernd Timmermanns (then the editor of the german DIY-HiFi magazine Klang & Ton). This speaker uses the a Morel MDT 29 soft-dome tweeter and a Monacor SPH 135C 13-cm midwoofer.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Trick 154

  1. Chupa wrote on 10. March 2015:

    Do you have any more info on this speaker and it’s design?

  2. matthias wrote on 10. March 2015:

    Hi Chupa

    Yes, I have some measurements of frequency response etc., and I am trying to find a copy of the original article in Klang & Ton. I could also check the crossover filter schematics. I’ll upload these information once I find the time to compile everything.


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