2 thoughts on “88-50-B Röhrenverstärker

  1. Kent wrote on 01. März 2017:

    First, thanks for posting tube related articles.

    I feel you should remove the word “Williamson” from this article; the design is nothing like a Williamson amplifier at all.

    I have been trying to educate a small number of beginners to tube amplification and the Williamson amplifier history. Someone in this group of beginners found this article and added it to the discussion. I pointed out that it is NOT a true Williamson circuit.

    May I suggest you re-title this “THE 88-50 POWER AMPLIFIER” which is really what it is. Here is a link to the original 1957 article in Wireless World-

    Please consider re-naming this article in hope to spread the historical information correctly.

    Thank you for your time. Kind Regards- Kent

  2. matthias wrote on 03. März 2017:

    Thanks for pointing this out. The “Williamson” terminology has been abused for many things, and it has become a bit unclear what it really is. But your point is well taken, I changed the post as suggested.

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