2 thoughts on “ScanSpeaker

  1. Michael wrote on 28. Februar 2015:

    Hallo Matthias,
    i^ve done this crossover and was very happy, but build it with the SS-9700 and and 2x 8545, second with a 6,8mH coil.
    Now i have this combination with the 9900 and will try it with your crossover again.
    Are or has there been any update. The original Crossover in the box (Audiodata elance) make it sound a little dull to my ears.
    Kind regards, Michael

  2. matthias wrote on 01. März 2015:

    Hi Michael

    I have toyed around quite a bit with the crossover design, but I always came back to the one published here. The only (better) alternative was an active filter using DSPs. But please make sure you take into account the facts that (a) you have TWO woofers and (b) your baffle geometry (width, driver placement) is most likely different from my design. These differences will almost certainly require some changes in the crossover filters. Also, do you have the 8545 or 8545K mid-woofers? The 8545 has a slightly different frequency response than the 8545K (which I used here). To make a long story short: just give it a try and make some changes to see if things get better or worse. Also, you will probably not end up with an optimal result without the help of measurements of the actual results. Good luck!

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